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Thanks for submitting!


Currencies I currently accept are as follows: GBP, Tether USD, Mana or DAI (polygon network), Matic and Ethereum. My prices start from £300. 
I currently accept payments through Crypto, Paypal or Banking.

You are not allowed to edit my 3D meshes be it to sell or to to make new meshes. The original mesh is only for you to distribute for sales. Do not distribute my 3D meshes to any other parties.

Payments must be made before I send you the 3D model. You will pay after a preview has been sent to you and you're happy with the design.
Must add some form of credit by adding "Doki" tag to item tags and in writing "Doki" in the item description unless you've requested otherwise. 
I am not responsible for rejection of IP infringement. Client agrees that their idea is completely original and not infringing on third party entities. Rejection of models will not result in a refund. 
I will provide assistance in publishing wearable step by step if need be. I will also ensure that any modifications requested by DCL admins will be corrected within 24-48 hours of request unless an act of god occurs (storm, fire, power outage, etc.) I will continue the project ASAP in the case of an act of god occurs. 


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